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Although we are considered a relaxed realism virtual airline, we do encourage our virtual pilots to fly as realistically as possible. This, of course, depends on their level of skill. Pilots will be expected to perform two training flights, scoring greater than a 90%, to earn their type rating for an aircraft. Type ratings are required before a virtual pilot can fly a scheduled route. Earning type ratings, completing flights, maintaining their flight rating, and being an active member of the airline ensures a pilot increases his or her pilot rank.


All virtual pilots will be expected to adhere to our virtual airline's code of conduct. There will be no harassment or discrimination of any kind. Pilots are to treat each other with respect and dignity. Pilots guilty of misconduct will be suspended or removed from the airline permanently.


All members of US Central Airlines will have access to support through our support forum. We can assist new members in setting up their flight simulator software and hardware, so that they can spend less time troubleshooting and more time flying!


We offer all our members training in our aircraft. We cover things such as basic flight, flying a traffic pattern, filing flight plans, flying VFR and IFR, using different types of GPS, programming flight management systems, and more!

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